Our teachers for this year's ShantiLoco is made up by a collection of experienced individuals equipped with a vast spectrum of knowledge from years in their respective fields. Below you can read about their backgrounds and what they have to bring to this year's retreat.

Our Team of Teachers

Carl Staaf — Thai Massage

Carl is one of the founding members of The Unit Productions — the collective behind the ShantiLoco Retreat. Born in Stockholm, he studied at The Royal Swedish Ballet School and later Codarts in Holland.

Having worked with Tabea Martin in Basel and Jozsef Trefeli in Geneva, he is currently based out of Barcelona, where he teaches Thai Massage whilst running The Unit Productions as his side project.

Having worked with Thai Massage since 2015, Carl will be teaching some basic techniques and giving an introduction to the beautiful work of the Sacred Dance.

Aside from teaching at this year's ShantiLoco, Carl is also the one responsible for most of the communication and planning of the event, and will be trying to make sure that everything at ShantiLoco runs nice and smooth.

Daniel Staaf — Movement

Daniel Staaf was born in Stockholm, Sweden. He graduated from the The Royal Swedish Ballet School's contemporary department in 2009.

After graduation he did Kamuyot, a production by Batsheva Dance Company and toured throughout Sweden. During this time he also had the opportunity to work with the Swedish based choreographer Örjan Andersson and his company Anderssondance.

After Sweden he moved to Holland to study for his BFA at Codarts, which he received in 2012. During his time at Codarts, he joined Bern:Ballett with artistic director Cathy Marston, and worked with choreographers such as, Noa Zuk, Jyrki Karttunen, Andrea Miller, Johan Inger, Tabea Martin, Alexander Ekman, Medhi Walerski and Didy Veldman.

In the Spring of 2013 he was invited to join Gallim Dance in Brooklyn, New York, where he worked for three years touring original work by Andrea Miller, nationally and internationally.

He is currently a full-time performer at Punchdrunk's critically acclaimed production Sleep No More, in New York, but will be leaving his position in the beginning of August to be able to venture into the unknown.

Raquel Miró — Jivamukti Yoga

Raquel was born in Barcelona and graduated at Institut del Teatre of Barcelona as a Ballet dancer. She has been living in Switzerland and London and dancing around Europe for 12 year as a professional contemporary dancer, performer, teacher and choreographer.

A few years ago she became fascinated with yoga and went to spend some time in India. Her experience at the Kaivalyadhama institut in Pune had a great impact on her, and in 2013, she became a certified Jivamukti teacher. She loves assisting people with her hands and making them see that life is about joy.

The yoga practice at SantiLoco will be focusing on getting a good asanas practice and how we transition between one pose to another. We will study a bit of yogic scriptures, which will help us to understand how we human beings act and respond in life. We will sweat, stretch, sing, laugh, balance, fall, twist, relax and meditate.

If you're interested in getting some practice before the retreat, you can study Raquel's educational videos here.

Julie Dariosecq — Movement

Originally from Lille, France, Julie Dariosecq trained ballet and contemporary dance at the Conservatoire de Lille and later at the CCN of Roubaix.

After graduating, she joined Ballet Junior de Genève and worked with choreographers such as Alexander Ekman, Andonis Foniadakis, Stijn Celis, Patrick Delcroix, Guilherme Bothelho and Gilles Jobin among others.

Since 2011, Julie has been working as a freelancing dancer for various companies and choreographers throughout Europe, including Angelin Preljocaj, Laura Scozzi, Cie Alias, The Gothenburg Opera and Dada Dans.

She now forms an integral part of The Unit Productions and is very excited to share her dancing experience and knowledge. During Julie's class, we will move, we will groove, we will wave and we will dance.

Erik Lobelius — Movement

Originally from Stockholm, Erik studied Classical Ballet at The Royal Swedish Ballet School until graduating in 2009. After finishing school, he left his native country for Switzerland and joined Ballet Junior de Genève under the direction of Sean Wood and Patrice Delay. Since then Erik has worked for a large number of companies and choreographers including Guilherme Botelho and his Cie Alias, Dada Dans and recently Cie BurnOut in their latest creation Quintette. In January 2017 Erik travelled to Rishikesh, India to become a certified teacher in Hatha Yoga.

In the movement class led by Erik you will be guided through the original Hatha Yoga sun salutation. Passionate about juggling and the relation with gravity that throwing and catching presents, Erik will use juggling balls as a tool to connect us to our own gravitational force. Further exploration will delve into recycling and sharing that force with the people in the room and also outside the studio in every day life.

Sarah Stanley — Movement

Sarah began her dance exploration in Houston, Texas where she trained at the High School for Performing and Visual Arts. She continued her education at SUNY Purchase in New York, where she graduated with a BFA in Dance Performance. Sarah also spent five months studying Chinese dance and Kung Fu at Taipei National University of the Arts.

For the past several years, Sarah has been based out of New York where she has worked with NØA Dance, Brice Mousset, KDNY, Mettin Movement, LoudHoundMovement, Gallim Dance, Dance Heginbotham and Punchdrunk's production Sleep No More.

In 2016, Sarah joined Dance Heginbotham as a cultural ambassador on tour with Dance Motion USA, a partnership between the US Department of State and Brooklyn Academy of Music, to Laos, the Philippines, and Indonesia where she had the opportunity to bring dance to local disabled communities. She has also choreographed her own work which has been performed in New York and Houston.


If you have any questions about the retreat or just want to say hello — feel free to get in touch!